Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crib bedding update

So after searching high and low, and experimenting with the idea of having bedding custom made, I have finally found some bedding I like. You can see it in the link below, just beware that when you look at it, it's a little overwhelming with all the various pieces and with a cranberry painted wall. I got just the bedding, a couple of pillows and the valences, none of the other stuff. If you zoom in, you can see the pattern, just pinks and greens. It should be here in 4 to 6 weeks!

I have also ordered a chair from Baby Bloomers in Mt. Pleasant from the Best Chair company. I can't wait for it to get here, it's 8-10 weeks! Let's hope baby girl Tuten doesn't come before that!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ice Cream at work!

So I work for a pretty cool company, they had a ice cream truck come to work yesterday afternoon. Everyone got to pick either a sundae, a cone or sno cone as a afternoon treat...for FREE! I love soft serve and my chocolate and vanilla swirl cone hit the spot! Our event coordinator snapped this picture as she walked by my desk.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Belly pic and THE shed

Sorry I have been a little slack with the bloggin recently. We've been busy, I have been out of town on the weekends quite a bit for weddings and Thad has been hunting and working on his shed. I've posted some pics for you to see what he's been working on. The idea is we'll clean out the garage and the move some stuff in the house out to the garage to make room for baby girl tuten, who is going to be here in what seems like no time.
Here's a pic of me at 24 weeks, although now I'm 25 weeks. Making some progress...

And then here are some pictures of Thad's shed. I'm proud of him, he's never built anything like this before, he drew out the plans and has done all he research on how to build it. Yes, it's bigger than I thought it would be and No, it doesn't have electricity or running water, although he might change that once the baby comes home :)

Securing the foundation...this was several weeks ago.

This was two weeks ago, it now has tar paper on the sides and roof and doors, which Thad custom made. Next is siding and then shingles, hopefully he can wrap in up in just a couple of more weeks.