Sunday, April 5, 2009


Anna Claire and I were so excited about last night's Final Four game that we decided to put on our Carolina gear and sport it all day on Saturday in anticipation of the big event. We are glad we weren't bad luck and we look forward to putting our outfits back on on Monday!!

A special thanks to a family friend for handing down her cheerleading outfit! Anna Claire's got some room to grow in it!

Friday, April 3, 2009

7 weeks today

Anna Claire is 7 weeks today. Time does fly.
Last weekend we took our first out of town trip to visit my parents in Asheville and to introduce Anna Claire to some family and friends. It was a big weekend. It took us 6 and half hours to get to Asheville, before Thad and I could make it there in 3hrs. 45 min. Needless to say we learned a few things about traveling with a newborn. The trip home was more like 4 and half hrs. Anna Claire got to meet a couple of her Mimi's friends and my best friend since the first grade, KHW (I won't use her name to protect her innocence, haha).

This week we also had lunch with a friend from work who had the same due date I did, Feb. 18. She ended up having her son on Feb. 17. It was fun to meet up and talk about what our babies were doing, how much they are sleeping, what they like, dislike, etc. Friday afternoon I took Anna Claire to work so I could introduce her to some people there. It was fun, they all kept saying, "Look at all that hair!"

Here are some pictures from this week: