Friday, October 10, 2008

Working in GVL and Crib Bedding

So I'm here in Greenville, SC for a couple of days for work. Once I get home I promise to take some "tummy" shots, maybe you'll think I look more prego these days, the bump is still small but it's growing. I'm in the search for crib bedding or should I say a nice bumper and some sheets, as I'm not sure if I'm going to get the comforter, as it seems a little useless, someone out there correct me if I'm wrong. I went to this store in Charleston and the bedding, while beautiful, was outrageously expensive, I'm talking $350 for the bumper alone!! I've found these choices online that I like, experienced moms out there let me know if there are other resources I should check out. I haven't browsed Target yet....

Land of Nod

Womb with a View:

Full Circle:

Pottery Barn Kids

Sophie Nursery Bedding:

Organic Floral Matelasse Bedding:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a Girl!!

So much for my motherly instincts, I truly thought we were having a boy, but when the tech told me I was wrong, I said, "Really, are you sure?" She laughed and said she was! The tech was able to get all the shots she needed of her heart, stomach, kidneys and spinal cord that she needed without much trouble. Our baby girl was facing my spine, so she wasn't able to get great face shots with the 4D ultrasound and when she poked and tried to get her to move then she just covered her face with both her arms, it was really cute! By the end she was sucking her thumb and still had the other arm over her face. It was amazing and flew by so fast! I wanted to stay and watch her longer, but our time was up.

The biggest question seems to be "What does Thad think?" He's excited and says he's looking forward to having a girl, although he says girls require more "supervision" longer than boys. I guess he means until she's married off for someone else to take care of! He has also said we are having children until we have a boy!!

Thanks for your prayers and excitement for us during this time! Here are some pictures!

This is the one where she covered her face:

In this one she has her hand over her nose and is sucking her thumb!